We are Codefia

Codefia is a software house, which creates applications and websites.

About us

We are a company that cares about UX, design and quality.

We make sure that all your ideas are born in the deepest depths of your subconscious materialized in perfect shape.

If you develop innovative product or you're on startup creation stage

We will help you build MVP quickly, we will create creations for you, we will adapt the website to rapidly changing market conditions!

We are enthusiasts of internet technologies.

Our team is constantly expanding its competence, we use the latest technology to make sure that we provide the highest quality solutions.

Become our client, join the group of our partners.

Over the past years, we've worked with many companies and made many websites, e-commerce stores and web applications for our clients!

Opinions of our clients

After the old site stopped working, Codefia developed a different one from scratch. The new site meets all technical and visual needs. I appreciate their commitment and approach in developing a new website.

CEO Luxon S.A.

Codefia has built an e-commerce site that has a pleasant aesthetic appearance and intuitive navigation. They are distinguished by their flexibility, patience, experience and customer service.

Owner of a Salon Sun Spa

Our old website was different from the competition websites. The Codefi team proposed a new graphic design and introduced improvements allowing the website to be displayed on phones and tablets. Everything is working perfectly now.

Owner of a Clean & Green

Are you looking for a project contractor?

Do you want to order a project?
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We design websites, online stores, web applications, and Android and iOS phone applications.

We provide comprehensive project implementation service.

Our approach to working with clients

We will design a website project quickly, we will create outstanding graphics,
we will code an web or a mobile app in the best coding standards you can even dream!


We focus on building relationships with our clients. Before we start the project, we want to make sure that we understand the purpose of the project and how the project should affect your business.

High quality

We create an environment of high competence and quality. We take care of the details and focus on the latest solutions. Quality is part of our operation logic.

Insight into the process

You can receive from us an access to programs that allow you to monitor the process of creating your application on an ongoing basis.

Quotation of a project

Thanks to the initial quote, you know how much you will pay for our services at the stage of preparing our team for the project.

Project settlement

Completing the project involves the settlement of time and costs associated with the application development process. We will provide you with a comprehensive cost statement.

Software House - software that meets your needs

Nowadays, the Internet is the main working environment for many of us. It is through the network that we sell goods, provide services, manage businesses, or communicate with clients. Appropriate software is necessary to be able to exist in the network and gain new clients through it, as well as to facilitate everyday work. Computers themselves have become indispensable elements of our everyday lives, especially helpful software, created with people and people in mind, web applications, business card websites or digital marketing.

Codefia is a software house whose task is to create the highest quality software individually for each client. There are really many opportunities for cooperation with such companies, but such a process is extremely complex and time-consuming. By using web technologies and creating various applications, you can support the image of a given brand, achieve specific goals and marketing assumptions of a given company, and finally you can improve the work of many companies wanting to enter the market thanks to the network reaching the widest possible group of potential recipients.

Software house activity is based on the implementation of specific projects, the purpose of which is providing clients with the highest quality of service and creation of tools enabling implementation specific goals. In the initial phase, there is a pre-implementation analysis, which the goal is to get as much information as possible, including understanding the needs of customers. Next, prototypes and mockups are developed. The next stages are: implementation, then appropriate tests, implementation of theory in practice and ready development documentation. The final stage of the project implementation is the post-implementation service itself.

Codefia Software House - specialists with a location in Poland.
A full range of services and opportunities

The range of Codefia services includes, among others, e-commerce systems, B2B platforms, and websites. Our software house creates systems that support CRM management, deals with loyalty programs, e-financial systems and mobile applications. The range of activities is extremely rich, and at the same time long-term.

By choosing the right specialists to carry out tasks in the field of new media and communication as well as Internet marketing, we can be sure that the offered solutions will be created taking into account the smallest details and demanding UX.

Setting up a website, online store or good application is one of the many products that are in the range of services of software house companies. If you want to check your company's business strategies through the MVP model and receive the best mobile applications and focus on modern and professional Web Design, we are waiting for your contact. We are sure that together we will develop your business, both in its initial development phase and during the investment period.