For several years, there has been a growing share of users browsing responsive websites using mobile phones and tablets.

The mobile phone is a huge share in the market of mobile devices and for most, it is already a basic element in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
Before him are only physiological needs and safety. Therefore, it should be expected that Google will declare a “war” on a website that is not optimized for small screens.

Responsywne strony internetowe - dlaczego warto je posiadać?

Since 2015, Google has heard statements that Google will punish sites that do not properly support mobile devices. Currently, the policy is tightening, so it is suggested to make changes to old pages or prepare new pages in RWD technology. Today I was browsing the internet and there are still many websites that don’t have responsiveness.
The question is, is it worth waiting for a Google ban, or is it better to deal with it today? I think the answer is obvious. You should improve your site today. This is due to several reasons. Below is a list of arguments why responsive websites should be considered by the business owner:

  1. Google will never let your site enter the top 10 if there is no responsiveness. What’s more, I dare say that even in the first hundred you will not see your site.
  2. Even if you do not care about Google, a non-responsive website will be avoided by users.
  3. If no one uses your site, you only lose money by paying for hosting and domains.
  4. If you don’t care about internet marketing and the website, your potential customers will go to the competition that owns the website in RWD technology.

I wrote out only 4 points out of many possible that relate to the situation of having an old page. When running a business today, remember that having a website is like having a logo and business card. It is one of the elements of the image campaign thanks to which your company is perceived as a modern company, full of vigor, with lots of ideas, or old-fashioned, without ideas for the future, waiting to disappear from the market. Just look at the top 10 in Google on the phrases that interest you to find out that the competition has everything refined.