Designing a website can be difficult if you don’t follow these five rules.

Projektowanie strony internetowej

There are many things to consider when designing a website. To simplify this task, Codefia Interactive Agency has prepared a list of rules that should be followed and that every web designer should consider.

The rules to follow when designing websites:

1. Provide similar experience, regardless of device
Users visit a website using many different types of devices: they can visit the site on their desktop computer or on a laptop, tablet, phone, music player or even a watch. A big part of the UX project is to ensure that regardless of how the user sees the website, they should have a similar experience regardless of the device they are using. If the user visits the website on a mobile phone, he should be able to find everything he needs without problems as if they were browsing the website on their computer at home.
2. The website must have easy-to-use clear navigation
Navigation is the cornerstone of usability. It doesn’t matter how good your site is if users can’t click on it. Therefore, website navigation should be:

Straight. Every website should have the simplest structure possible
Navigation must be intuitive and beyond doubt.
Consequently, the navigation system for the home page should be the same on every page
Design the navigation so that visitors can reach the chosen place with the least possible number of clicks.
3. Change the colour of visited links
Links are a key factor in the navigation process. When the links you visit don’t change colour, users may accidentally visit the same pages many times. Knowing your past and current locations help you decide where to go next. Knowledge of pages that the user has already visited frees him from unintentional re-browsing of the same websites.
4. The user scans the pages, does not read them.
When users visit your site, they are more likely to quickly scan the screen for specific phrases than read everything. Therefore, if a user wants to find content or perform a task, he will scan until he finds the place to which he should go. Proper web design allows you to find a good visual hierarchy. Visual hierarchy refers to the arrangement or presentation of elements in a way that generates specific behaviour e.g. what the user should pay most attention to.

The most important things, such as screen titles, login forms, navigation elements or other important content, must be the focal point so that visitors can see them immediately.
5. Let’s double-check all links
Users can easily get frustrated when they click a link on your site and receive a 404 error page in response. When users search for content, they expect each link to take it where it is written.