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Our company has been designing both mobile and responsive websites for our clients. We operate comprehensively, thoroughly analyzing at the beginning all your business goals, target group, competition, industry and offer, which allows us to prepare a professional project specification and functional mock-up. We are also happy to advise you, pointing to proven solutions and the best technologies that will allow you to effectively meet all the requirements of your online business.

There are many reasons why so many people decide to use our help in creating responsive and mobile websites. Our specialists, building a website, create an individual graphic design tailored to both the industry in which you operate and the target group. Each time we care about both effectiveness and efficiency, thus ensuring the originality of the concept and the maximum level of usability of a given website. Our experienced creative department is able to design almost your every vision, combining the original idea with maximum usability for your final recipient, making responsive pages modern and useful.

Mobile websites. What are the characteristics of mobile versions of websites?

Mobile pages are created for users of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets or e-book readers. From a technical point of view, this is a completely separate website from the standard version. Very often it has different graphics, different navigation methods, different content and even a different domain. The domain of a mobile site is usually preceded by the letter "m" and is located in a domain intended for sites of this nature. A properly configured mobile website will load automatically as soon as it recognizes that the selected user is using a smartphone or other portable device. This page should also contain a link to the full version of the site for those who knowingly want to use it. Nowadays, mobile devices are characterized by increasingly larger screens, which is why some Internet users prefer browsing the full version of the site, instead of the mobile version.

The mobile website has a number of advantages, including: - the content can be adapted to the mobile version - the possibility of rapid implementation (faster than it would be in the case of a website based on responsive technology) - possibility to use ready-made templates for this type of website (eg WordPress)

Who should be interested in mobile websites created by our team?

Mobile websites that we design are an excellent solution primarily for those website owners who are interested in acquiring mobile users, but are not planning to thoroughly rebuild their website in the near future due to lack of time or financial resources. This is a slightly cheaper solution compared to responsive websites, which is extremely important for many customers. It is also a great choice for those who want to change their website in a short time.

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Responsive websites. What are they and what are their characteristics?

Responsive Web Design, or RWD, is one of the techniques that is used when designing pages in our company. Due to its popularity, as well as the increased availability of mobile devices, it has become a common and popular method of creating websites. In practice, responsive websites are a design technique in such a way that their size, appearance and layout automatically adapt to the window of the device in which they are displayed (tablets, smartphones, laptops). This page is perceived as more readable, which translates into comfort of use.

Due to the significant increase in the popularity of smartphones and other portable devices in which the internet is located, web designers had to ensure their proper display on small screens. The responsive website is therefore a response to the requirements for websites viewed on small devices. The biggest advantages of RWD include readability and transparency. What's more, it is visually attractive and impresses not only with its graphics, but also with aesthetics and consistency. Opened on a smartphone, it looks the same as when displayed on a laptop screen.

What are the benefits of responsive websites?

Responsive websites have many advantages, which is why more and more people decide to implement them. These are among others:

  • one Google Analytics tracking code, which in practice means much easier data analysis
  • one URL regardless of the device on which we are browsing the page
  • one CMS panel for content management
  • adaptable to many different devices

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We have been designing mobile and responsive websites for many years. We can offer you modern and functional solutions that will allow you to reach more customers. We perfectly understand both your needs and the needs of customers, for whom we create convenient websites and help in their development. For many years, a team of our programmers, designers and marketing specialists has been implementing implementations, giving customers a real advantage over today's competition.

Our team designing, among others, mobile and responsive websites has the necessary knowledge, many years of experience and is highly creative, thanks to which our clients are in good hands. If you are also looking for web design specialists, be sure to check what we can do for you. We approach each client individually, carefully listening to his needs and requirements. We make every effort to ensure that the final result of the website is as satisfactory as possible for you. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer, and in case of questions - to contact our team.