Designing online stores.
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Designing e-commerce applications, our philosophy, our approach

One of the areas of our activity is designing online stores using e-commerce platform like Woocommerce, Symfony Sylius, Magento. We operate comprehensively, thoroughly analyzing at the beginning all your business goals, target group, competition, industry and offer, which allows us to prepare a professional project specification and functional mock-up. We are also happy to advise you, indicating proven solutions and the best technologies that will allow you to effectively meet all the requirements of your online business.

Designing e-commerce applications, our philosophy, our approach

Designing online stores - professionalism at every stage of project.

When designing an online store, we create an individual graphic design tailored to both the industry in which you operate and the target group. Each time we care about both effectiveness and efficiency, thus ensuring the originality of the concept and the maximum level of usability of a given online store. Our experienced creative department is able to design almost any vision of the customer, so creating an online store becomes a real adventure for us.

Designing online stores - intuitive solutions for everyone.

We have been creating online stores for many of years. We can offer you an efficient and scalable shop system, allowing intuitive management of both the assortment and orders of your online store. We perfectly understand both your needs and the needs of customers for whom we design convenient stores and help in their development. For many years, a team of our programmers, designers and marketing specialists has been implementing implementations that give customers a real advantage over today's considerable competition.

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Creating an online store - why is it worth working with us?

Thanks to us, you won't have to worry about technical issues that seem complicated to many people. Our team of specialists will not only create a functional online store, but also advise which system will work best for your business. When preparing an e-store, we carefully listen to all the tips and doubts of our clients, organize special meetings and explain all doubts in detail. It is thanks to this that you can be sure that before starting cooperation with our company, all stages of our future activities will be completely clear and obvious to you, and self-management of the store, over time, will become understandable and uncomplicated.

By creating online stores for customers from Warsaw, we help you choose the best solutions for them, taking into account their individual needs. So we try to determine in how many language versions a given e-store should be available, whether it will use fast payment methods and how many products it will support. After careful consultation with the client, we present the project valuation, the conditions on which our cooperation would be based, and our tips and advice for future implementations.

Why is it worth having a professional online store?

A modern website with a product catalog as well as an intuitive and transparent store is an absolute basis in many cases today. Numerous studies clearly show that many companies, as well as potential clients, perceive a given company from the perspective of the appearance of its website. In this way they assess his professionalism and whether it is trustworthy. It is worth remembering that in the era of such competition, every, even the smallest detail is important and it can influence whether a person decides to make purchases through our website. This is, among other things, why creating online stores, both in Warsaw and other cities, it is worth handing over to professionals.

Creating online stores. Warsaw - convenience for your clients

Modern business requires entrepreneurs to use e-commerce solutions, and its most common form is e-stores that give companies a number of opportunities that are their advantage over stationary stores. The biggest advantages of online stores, which we design every day, include their availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and very convenient shopping. For many companies, this means the possibility of a significant increase in profit, all thanks to the possibility of selling at any hour, for customers located all over Poland, as well as in another country.

Online stores are becoming more and more popular every year. And no wonder, because this solution is very convenient for potential customers. They do not have to waste time traveling to stationary stores and standing in often long queues. It is also a great option for busy people or those who have small children. The wide range and clear product categories make it possible to purchase selected products with just a few clicks, without leaving home.

Who is our offer addressed to?

We address our store design offer to both small, medium and large companies that are looking for a dedicated solution in the form of an individual graphic design and the best software. For many years, we specialize in creating modern, transparent and unique e-stores that will certainly meet the expectations of both you and all your customers. A professionally created online store, together with a unique and refined graphic design at every step, will allow your business to appear on the Internet and sell at a satisfactory level. A professionally made e-store design not only distinguishes it from others, but also contributes to increased trust among customers.

We are open to all forms of contact with you: from phone calls, through e-mail messages, to individual meetings. We are happy to know your store requirements and help you realize your dream and professional business.

Creating online stores - Warsaw. Exist in the network

Nowadays, online stores are extremely popular. Living in a world of complete lack of time for anything online shopping is for many people the basic way of shopping, both everyday and occasional, or holiday.

Own business related to owning an online store is also an extremely popular idea for a company that brings specific profits. Creating online stores is one of the services that software development agencies have to offer. In addition, they create applications and carry out the full work of designing and implementing online stores.

If you want to set up your own store, you should definitely commission the preparation stage to a company that we can be sure will be able to offer us the highest quality services. If you run your business in Warsaw, you probably know that the choice of such companies is really very large. Therefore, you should bet on such a software house that will allow you to spread the wings of your business as best as possible.

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Designing an online store - modern and user-friendly

At the initial stage of work involving the design and preparation of a dedicated online store, the most important role is played by design. The visual aspect is very important in this case. We go to the store's website and first pay attention to what it looks like. Is it transparent in reception, simple to use, quick in operation. If we like it, we shop there and the time spent on specific subpages is much longer. Of course, at this stage specialists make any corrections as per the client's suggestion.

Accept the best idea that meets your expectations

The key to success is also to choose a project that will be a real hit. We do not approve the first better idea and do not decide on "cash". Together with the company that offers this type of service, let's create an interesting idea and even better implementation.

Joint conversations, interesting ideas, original visions. The main assumption of the future owner of the company is, after all, that his store should be noticed, be in the first places in search engines and reach potential recipients. All this is possible thanks to cooperation with Codefia specialists who have already carried out many implementations of online stores, encouraging users to visit. What's more, let's not be afraid of modifications, let's not worry about changes and arrangements of even the smallest details. For everything to meet our expectations, it must be buttoned up with the proverbial "last button". Let's accept an idea only when we are 100% sure of it.

If you are looking for specialists who will prepare a modern online store for you that meets the requirements of a modern Internet user, please contact Codefia. Our clients do not have to know the smallest technical details. We will also take care of proper competition analysis and propose technological solutions appropriate for your business.