6 the most important elements of the UX project.

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Did you know that about 55% per cent of companies carry out UX tests?

The remaining 45% are not interested in activities related to the UX project. This is a fairly low ratio, given that most companies claim to be pro-consumer oriented and care for UX. User Experience is today the cornerstone of business success. Most bad decisions affecting bad user experience are financially impacting business operations. Understanding the values ​​of UX tests and paying attention to them during the planning and design stage of a website allows you to avoid problems that would arise in the future. Thanks to this, we will definitely save a lot of time and money in the long run.

We wondered which aspects and elements of the UX design are the most important when designing a website? Is the appearance of the website more important for the customer, or maybe the ease, even intuitiveness of using the site. Keep in mind that when designing a website, a team of designers, programmers, and SEO specialists have different goals, often mutually exclusive. We have found that in this situation UX designer has priority in the design, thanks to which we avoid mistakes at the design analysis stage. Ultimately, the user will assess whether he will want to return to our site or not.

Did you know that over 88% of users don’t come back after one bad experience?

This is a huge number of users potentially lost due to poor experience. A bad experience can translate into real financial losses because, according to research at Stanford University, more than 46 per cent of users consider a website as an indicator of the company’s credibility. If the site, regardless of whether it is an information page or an e-commerce site, has errors related to the UX project, it can affect the negative image of the company. On the other hand, this is very good information for us because we can quickly examine the UX of our site and take corrective steps to remove errors.

We’ll provide some simple tips to improve your website’s UX design. Thanks to this, it should increase the number of visits and trust on the website.

An important element of UX is to create a consistent marketing concept for the brand. Research shows that a coherent brand concept and effective management allows you to increase revenues by more than 20%. Currently, all major brands treat the internet as the most important medium for contacting potential customers. Therefore, they care for a consistent identity on all platforms and devices. Such activities generate more engaged users.

The impact of the UX project on design in web projects is particularly evident on e-commerce platforms, where the user has several decision stages to go through.

projekt ux

What should the process of creating an online store look like?

  1. In the first phase of the product design process, you should conduct several interviews with people from the target audience and identify three main people for this e-commerce project.
  2. In e-commerce projects, an important moment is to determine the journey of the user travelling through the online store, but also during shopping preparations and after the transaction has been completed. Based on this map, we can determine the times when the user may experience negative emotions. The full map shows us the experiences that users have when using websites.
  3. Start designing a prototype or website mock-up. After analyzing all the information collected from the first two stages, we can create sketches of the design of our online store. At the beginning of this phase, it’s best to draw views of individual page elements on pages, e.g. A4. Then we can transfer all the elements to the program that prototypes page designs, applications, etc. There is a huge mass of this type of programs at the moment, some of them work as a SaaS application, so it is available through the browser. I don’t want to mention names here, it takes a few moments to find in the search engine.
  4. Finally, user testing must be done before the graphics and application development phase begins.
  5. When designing your site, pay close attention to the potential problems users may face. Most applications, websites, online stores have common elements that help us interact with the user, it can be a registration form, login, subscription to the newsletter, receive a discount, promotional coupon, email confirmations, animation, etc. elements. However, if we do not know which elements will be most important for our users, we should conduct tests and determine at what moment which elements of the page lead to problems associated with the use of the page. It may also turn out that we did not anticipate the functionality that is expected by the user. Once we have the functionalities that we know will affect UX negatively, we need to prepare a solution to the problem and implement it in our concept.
  6. Designing the user interface is part of the process when we have defined problems and developed solutions. As a rule, UI design should start from design to mobile devices. So from the smallest screens, we move in stages to the largest. This is an easier approach because we first limit the functionality and then, moving to larger screens, add them.

projekt ux

Of course, the above points represent a project perfectly developed for UX. As a rule, however, customers either decide to significantly differentiate their approaches or minimize them, leaving it for later. Leaving UX for later usually leads to a significant increase in the cost of the project. Finding and fixing errors at the stage of project analysis costs PLN 5, fixing a mistake in a project that is already functioning will be hundreds of zlotys if not thousands. That is why UX is currently the most important element in website design.