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Creating modern online stores, or which ones? To be present in the world of online business you must, first of all, be modern, original, competitive and most importantly – stand out from the crowd. Creating online stores, which many entrepreneurs choose today to set up their own businesses, is one of the services of software […]

Technologies on which a website is built Creating and implementing a website is not a task that a person with a lack of any knowledge in this area can do. Such pages can be created in many ways because the range of technologies and programming languages available in this field is really large. For creating […]

Website design

Designing a website can be difficult if you don’t follow these five rules. There are many things to consider when designing a website. To simplify this task, Codefia Interactive Agency has prepared a list of rules that should be followed and that every web designer should consider. The rules to follow when designing websites: 1. […]