Behind us is 2017, which was full of changes in web design concepts.

Please note that this is only a projection of what can happen in 2018 in the world of web designers. I have a few favourites and I hope that coming back to this post at the beginning of 2019 I will be glad that I was able to predict the future.

So let’s start from the last place!

Nr 10 – Minimal Design

Probably most of you have heard that less is better.
There is something to it, currently, websites are becoming more mature and refined. They are not covered with colourful banners and hard to define graphics as it was a decade ago. Today, the site is designed to facilitate the user to use it through just minimalism.

Źródło: Mike – Behance

Nr 9 – Gradient

Nothing more nothing less. I have always been a fan of using this technique on websites. The gradient works well in building the user interface, e.g. all kinds of buttons, animations, transitions. You can also use the gradient when designing the background for the page. In total, the gradient gives unlimited possibilities.

Projektowanie stron - gradient

Źródło: Spotlight Festival Identity – Behance

Nr 8 – Bold, vibrant colours

Already in 2017, we saw the interest of people who design websites in bold and vibrant colours. What started in 2017 in 2018 will grow significantly. I expect websites to come in screaming colours.

Projektowanie stron internetowych - vivid picture

Autor: David Milan

Nr 7 – 3D graphic

In 2017, as in previous years, 3D graphics were often used on websites. Thanks to the use of WebGL in all browsers and excellent 3d libraries like D3 or Three.JS you can perform amazing animations.

Projektowanie stron internetowych - graphic 3d

Źródło: Let’s play

Nr 6 – Geometric Shapes

Creating graphics is an extremely interesting trend. Website design based on geometric shapes such as triangles, rectangles, ovals is very fashionable today.

Projektowanie stron - kształty geometryczne

Autor: Underline Studio

Nr 5 – Asymmetrical Grid

Grid gives the page a logical breakdown. Thanks to the asymmetrical grid, the website receives harmony.

Projektowanie stron internetowych - asymetria

Autor: Bright Media

Nr 4 – Animation

A modern website should give a sense of interactivity. It encourages the user to deeper interaction, allows you to engage in the story that is told through the site.

Projektowanie stron internetowych - animacja

No. 3 – Interesting and modern typography

The site is primarily intended to convey written content, so it is very important that the typography is thought out. This is often the first element a web designer works on when designing a website. The right typography improves the readability of the page, gives it lightness and allows you to remain unforgettable.

Projektowanie strony internetowej - typografia

Autor: Fwells

Nr 2 – Flat Design 2017/2018

Flat design or flat pattern is a graphic design style that eliminates gradient and shadows according to Wikipedia.
With the fact that flat design has returned to web design in a slightly different edition, i.e. gradients and shadows are just used to emphasize the elements of graphics.

Projektowanie stron internetowych - flat design

Autor: Roberto Bernardini

Nr 1 – UX Design

I was wondering whether to write here about mobile-first, but about the fact that this is a very important element, probably everyone knows and nobody needs to be convinced.

In my opinion, the most important element today is web design for the user. After all, the most important element is that everyone can surf the website without any problems. That’s why UX Design will be number 1 for me.

Projektowanie stron internetowych - UX Design